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Customer Success Support Manager

New York


The Account Management team is part of the Customer Success org and is the face to the client. This team is the client strategy consultant, responsible for identifying the value we can provide to the client, making sure we can deliver it and getting the client to agree that we did provide value.

Performance is measured by NPS, renewal rate, up-sell / x-sell


  • Understanding client’s business and recommending the optimal process, workflows, system configuration and analytics that will make client most likely to use and get value out of boostr— as part of on-boardings and on-going check-ins.
  • Owning the nurture stream of clients through check-ins, follow ups and, when appropriate, issues
  • Growing the spend of each client through renewals and up-sell of new products as they roll out.
  • Providing Biz Ops work and support to clients helping them use boostr data and output to make business decisions e.g. board meeting prep, dashboard building
  • Project managing on-boardings that require integrations and multiple components
  • Own and develop Business Partner Relationships e.g. migration providers (future)

Qualifications & Experience

  • Media Industry expertise for 5+ years
    • How publishers and ad tech clients make money
    • Typical products- direct and indirect and how they work
    • Standard pre and post sales processes and workflows
  • Data and analytics
    • Fluency with data to look-up, organize and scrub data
    • Ability to manipulate data to tell a story
  • Business Logic
    • Solving business problems by creating a multi-step path from A to B whether that’s in a dataset or client situation
  • Client Services
    • Active listening for what the real issue is / what they really need
    • Deliver messages / tap dance when everything isn’t perfect
  • Selling Skills
    • No fear to ask for the dollars

Email us at success@boostr.comto apply and learn more.