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Frequently Asked Questions

  • boostr is the only CRM designed entirely for media ad sales.
  • You’re likely wasting hours, days, weeks of your valuable sales and management time trying to run your business with data you don’t trust- unable to answer simple questions such as what do we need to do to make our number?
  • Yes – boostr is a complete CRM solution, no other systems are required.
  • Not hard at all. We’ve done it with other clients who are successfully transitioned.
  • No. Whether your data is coming from an existing CRM or spreadsheets, we can migrate it into your boostr system.
  • It works for ad sales teams out of the box. It is built to work with complex ad sales from IO-based, to content to programmatic sales.
  • boostr can be setup by you with our help in a matter of hours, not months.  There are no hidden implementation costs or expensive consultants. You’ll need a point person to provide the data for migration.
      • We take the security of your data very seriously.Our server infrastructure, hosted on Google Cloud, is secured using industry best practices, implemented by our own security team and reviewed by 3rd party security experts. Your data is encrypted and transmitted securely using SSL  See our Privacy Policy here.