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boostr for Slack Overview

With Boostr’s Slack App you can connect Boostr CRM to Slack to enable real time notifications and alerts instead of sending emails. Notify your teams of important activity such as deals that won or lost, new deals in the pipeline, specific products added to the pipeline and more.

Boostr has workflow functionality which allows users to setup a set of conditions to make notifications to their Slack channels.

Currently Boostr supports sending dynamic formatted messages with information about deals and all information related to deals including custom fields and custom values. Using Boostr’s dynamic message builder – you’re able to include information about your deals dynamically by inserting message parameters, also you’re able to add configurable attachments with summary information about your deal and link to Boostr to view that deal in Boostr.  Make sure you’re a boostr and Slack admin user before attempting these steps.

1. Log in to Boostr
2. Go to Boostr Settings page
3. Click Integrations on settings page
4. Click ‘Enable Slack’ button – this will take you to the Slack app install page
5. Allow Boostr to get permissions to your workspace

After the Boostr app gets installed in your Slack, you can get your first messages posted to Slack. For this you’ll need to setup workflow with criteria’s, include a channel name, and build a message using our message builder.  Once the workflow criteria is triggered you’ll get your first message to Slack.